I was the Head of Graphics for the feature film "Soon Enough." In my time employed for Three Wolves Pictures, I designed promotional material for the film. This involved designing three movie posters, two promos, and "Meet the Crew" social media graphics-- all to meet the specifications of my client (Three Wolves Pictures.) The feature film is available to stream on Amazon and Vimeo
The poster above is my personal favorite of the three I designed. This was the poster design that I had the most amount of freedom concerning composition and design elements, with little to no design constraints put into place. I also enjoyed combining pixel-based elements from Photoshop with vector elements from Illustrator, and discovering a good balance between the two...
Below are two postcard-sized promo materials I designed for the feature film. I personally really enjoy the horizontal composition of the one on the left.
Below is an example of one of the first graphics I designed for the feature film-- a "meet the crew" graphic for Instagram. It was and still is interesting to see how my design skills and style evolved and grew throughout the year I was employed by Three Wolves Pictures. To the right is a photograph of me at the feature film premiere.
Below is an article about the short film from LV Magazines in which my first poster design is featured:
All artwork displayed is courtesy of Three Wolves Pictures and LV Magazines. I do not own the copyright for the Soon Enough Artwork.
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