Growing up, I struggled to define who I was as an artist and designer. I love ceramics, but I do not consider myself a ceramic artist. I love painting, but I do not consider myself a painter. I love photography, but I do not consider myself a photographer. My college graphic design professor defined it best with the vague, deceivingly-simple, but all-inclusive term “Creative”’-- with a capital C. While I consider myself foremost a graphic designer, I feel that my title would be incomplete without “and Creative” tagged onto the end. 
After finally finding a title to define myself as an artist and designer, my biggest challenge was finding a way to channel all of my interests and creativity into one discipline or field. As a designer, I am constantly pushing myself to find ways to incorporate my other disciplines of interest into my designs. This could be through hand-lettering my type, incorporating hand-drawn elements that I have scanned in and digitally manipulated in my designs, or even taking my own photographs for a spread.   
As my skills as a graphic designer developed, I started to be drawn towards branding and logo design. I love the challenge that logo design presents of taking everything a company or business wants to convey to their clientele and communicating it through a single symbol or icon, as well as the creative probem-solving that is required to execute such successfully. 
As a designer, I tend to gravitate towards more minimalistic and pared-back looks, with an affinity to cool color schemes (particularly blues.) This being said, I still love to throw in little illustrated details or touches when I feel it is appropriate. I feel that these little illustrated touches are what make me stand out as a designer. They add a little bit of quirkiness and uniqueness to a design, without compromising the cleanness of it.
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